Mermaid Tale

It is said that centuries ago, the sea contained mysterious mythical creatures. These creatures were half-human, half-fish called mermaids. Hidden in the vast oceans, they lured men and sailors to grand adventures. While their existence has never been officially proven, along the coastline in Alaska, many tourists and visitors to our shores say they have spotted what looked to be a mermaid. Locals have tales to tell, but they know the best place to spot those beautiful mystical creatures isn’t in the water, but right in downtown Ketchikan at Sweet Mermaids. Sweet Mermaids lures customers to experience grand culinary adventures through the deep aroma of warm fresh, brewed Raven’s Brew Coffee and the sweet comfort of fresh-baked bread and pastries.

Sweet Mermaids was started by two women who loved the stories and adventures of mermaids and had a talent for creating sweet treats, cakes, and pastries. Today, Sweet Mermaids provides their community of neighbors, family, friends, and tourists with a unique experience from the moment you open the door. Their warm and cozy café delights many, and if that does not entice you, the smell of fresh-baked bread and pastries is sure to draw you in. Sweet Mermaids provides all the fresh baked bread for every Cape Fox restaurant location each day. You can come in and enjoy a pastry, a hot and warm breakfast, or a lunchtime meal along with your mug of steaming Raven’s Brew coffee. Bring your inner Mermaid as you sit and enjoy your meal served by the friendliest staff in Southeast Alaska. It is a true mythical experience you won’t want to miss.

Land Ho and Ahoy

Sweet Mermaids is a place for everyone to come together over delicious coffee, food, and camaraderie. We strive for quality and look forward to our journey together. One of the most outstanding features of Sweet Mermaids is the staff. They greet each customer with a smile or wave. Our mermaids provide some of the best customer experiences in Southeast Alaska. Don’t believe us, stop in and say hi; you will end up with a smile and a sweet treat to start your day, guaranteed.